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Bitcoin All Access is a global Mainstream Movement. This movement is being organized to help grow Bitcoin users and merchants around the globe to capitalize on the on this new trend in the marketplace. Global Market Research indicates that when a metropolitan area reaches a combination of 5000 Bitcoin users and merchants that mainstream adoption will begin to occur. To immediately begin to accomplish this goal in metropolitan areas around the world we have instituted a Bitcoin Mobile Information & Technology Subscription for our Retail Customers/Members and an Automated Payment Income Opportunity for our Independent Consultants. Our Consultants earn commissions exclusively through the Retail sales of our High Value Subscription.

We invite you to learn about becoming a Member and a Consultant with Bitcoin All Access and how you can participate and capitalize on the Mainstream Movement of Bitcoin around the globe.

In fact, abundance is your absolute within your reach.....

Cycle Bonus 3x2 Matrix

Starts with you at the top. 3 on your 1st level and 9 on your second level for a total of 12 group sales and pays $800 when completed. Each time you complete your matrix you will automatically follow your sponsor back in their current matrix. Your reentry will count as a bonus sale to the upline sponsors. The same is true for each one of your personally sponsored as they will continue to follow you over and over again with each new entry counting as a bonus sale. This automatic reentry system creates a perpetual ongoing money making opportunity.

There are 4 ways to fill your matrix: Personal sales, Team Sales, Spillover, and Reentries. You can fill your entire matrix with 12 personal sales and cycle. Team sales are when someone on your first level signs someone up they count for you and them. Spillover sales are when one your upline sponsors makes a sale and it falls into your matrix, it counts for you and them. Reentry sales are when people cycle and come back in under whether you personally sponsored them or not. click here for details.....



1. Sign up as a TripleClicks member, then complete your registration by submitting the TripleClicks Artist form. Note: If you are already a TripleClicks member, you can add artist status by completing the form here...
2. Upload your best song before the first of each month (using the link located on your Artist TConnect Website). It can be any original song you've previously recorded or a new, original song written/recorded just for the contest. Note that lyrics, vocals, and music must all be original. You may not sample existing songs or use music from existing songs.
3. Beginning the first day of every month, TripleClicks members will vote for their favorites songs in the contest. Voting also includes a free download of the song for the voter to spread your music far and wide! The song with the most votes at the end of the month wins. The winning song will then be featured on's homepage for an entire month! All TripleClicks "WAVE3" members are also eligible to receive a free copy of the song.
4. Tell your friends and fans to come vote for your song too. Voting costs just one  and includes a free download of your song. Friends and fans can get 5 FREE TCredits each month as a  (or they can be purchased for as little as $.29 apiece).
5. Stop by the contest leaderboard regularly to see how your entry is doing.
6. Enter a new song each month and build an international TripleClicks member fanbase!


                All For $2.99 Only